Section Five

Foundational Concepts and Mental Health Skills in Mental Health and Addiction Nursing

The Entry-to Practice Mental Health and Addiction Competencies (2015) developed by CASN/ CFMHN supports the development of knowledge and skill in mental health, illness and addiction nursing including four core nursing foundational concepts and four areas for mental health skill development. This section provides useful information about each foundational concept and skill, focusing on teaching tools and learning advancement that integrate the corresponding mental health and addiction competencies in curricula.


Four Foundational Concepts

Four Mental Health Skills

5.1 Theraputic Relationships 5.5 Mental Health and Illness
5.2 Recovery Oriented Approach 5.6 Mental Status Examination (MSE)
5.3 Trauma-Informed Care 5.7 Suicide Risk Assessment and Self-Harm
5.4 Harm Reduction 5.8 Crisis Intervention