Section Two

Mental Health and Addiction Faculty Assessment Tools

In order to effectively integrate mental health and addiction competencies into entry-level nursing curricula—and contribute to an environment that supports knowledge integration—it is important that faculty evaluate existing curricula content and engage in a personal self-assessment of mental health, illness and addiction knowledge to understand strengths and areas for improvement.

This resource provides two assessment tools, each designed to assist with identifying and addressing gaps in existing educational content, knowledge and skills. Both assessment tools have no demonstrated psychometric properties and are intended to support, stimulate and advance the ongoing development of nursing education in mental health and addiction.

  • The Curriculum Assessment Gap Analysis Tool enables the assessment of content, structures and processes within current curricula in relation to the CASN/CFMHN entry-to-practice domains and competencies. The tool also assesses associated knowledge, concepts, attitudes and skills pertaining to the promotion of mental health and the prevention, assessment and management of mental illness and addiction across the lifespan.
  • The Educator Self Assessment Tool enables the personal evaluation of educators knowledge and skills required for teaching and promoting mental health and for assessing, preventing and managing mental illness and addiction.

Who should use these tools? 

These tools are most useful to curriculum development committees to promote the integration of mental health content, concepts, attitudes and skills across all courses in the undergraduate SEC. 2 nursing program, and to nursing faculty and educators for assessment and integration of and within individual courses.